Loren Gray: How to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Tuesday, January 26th at 1pm PST

HSMAI BC Presents:
How to Maximize Your Marketing Budget with LOREN GRAY

"With or without a budget, how to create incremental revenue growth right now"

Whether you are reopening, restarting, or have been surviving. Learn right now how to assess, gather, and act on 'zero' to incrementally validated spends. Do what you can for free, and build on what you grow. We share the methods, tools, and actions you will need to dynamically adapt to our ever-changing marketing landscape.

 Loren Gray is an...


...internationally recognized authority in the field of hospitality marketing. Having risen through all facets of the hospitality industry, from property to corporate, branded and independent hotels. First becoming a partner to one of the largest agencies in Dallas before creating his own firm, Hospitality Digital Marketing Inc.  Loren has contributed to publications such as USA Today, the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.   As a recipient of multiple awards and certifications, Loren hosts the globally recognized live streaming / podcast "This Week in Hospitality Marketing" reaching thousands each week in over 32 countries

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