Managing Change in 2016 and Beyond

Managing Change in 2016 and Beyond



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Registration: 3-3:45pm
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3:45 pm - 7:00 pm | Thursday - June 9th, 2016
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Downtown Vancouver |  1110 Howe Street

2016 Vancouver & Global Hotel Industry Performance

Managing Change in 2016 and Beyond 

How Member Rates and Loyalty Programs and Changing The Distribution Landscape

Throughout 2016 major hotel brands have announced new initiatives to win guest loyalty and increase direct bookings. Concurrently, online travel agencies and meta search providers are stepping up their game and providing new incentives that entice customers to book on their sites. In the midst of these developments numerous local markets are showing signs of reservation weakness that thickens the plot. What impact are these initiatives having on channel distribution growth? Should hoteliers adopt book direct strategies given the present state of local market demand? This presentation will examine how member rates and loyalty programs are impacting local Vancouver channel distribution strategies in 2016 and beyond.  


Key topics:

  • First quarter 2016 review and recap
  • Local Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria market performance and reservation outlook
  • Emerging trends and impact of member rates and loyalty programs
  • Best channel management strategies
  • 2016 outlook and RevPAR pace review


About the Presenter

John is TravelClick’s senior hotel industry analyst and advisor. He joined the company in 2004 and has over 35 years of ecommerce marketing experience within the travel industry.

John is a regular industry speaker, his insights and perspective have been featured on CNN, Bloomberg and the New York Times.

John is a graduate of Chicago State University and has served as a guest lecturer and advisor at Roosevelt University, Boston University and Cornell University's School of Hotel Management. He has served a Chairman of the Florida Commission on Tourism and as an Executive Director of the California Tourism Industry Association. 


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