SWOT Analysis Tool for Hotels

It is also very important to create a clear, well structured competitive analysis. It allows you to easily list your hotel’s strengths and weaknesses, in relation to those of your competitors. This will help you to sharpen your positioning by taking into account the facts surrounding the current market situations. It might even lead to the discovery of new, untapped business opportunities! Do any of your competitors offer an "school holidays" concept? Do they offer bundled packages, like "Room + Breakfast + wifi" for leisure customers? Do any of your competitors highlight special segments (e.g. Disabled guests or members of a club).  You might find some good opportunities from checking into some details.

Create a Competitor Matrix: Rates versus Client Satisfaction

You can use the table and chart below to create your very own Competitor Matrix! It will allow you to visually place your property among your competitor's and get a better understanding of your market.

Hotel Name Rating Rate # Rooms