Scholarship Program

HSMAI Puerto Rico is proud to announce we are offering a Scholarship Program to award deserving hospitality professionals and students with complimentary memberships and certifications.

Click here to apply.
*Must meet eligibility requirements.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Scholarship opportunities available for:
  • HSMAI One Year Membership (includes chapter membership) ($295 hotel/$395 partner/$50 Student/Facility)
  • Attendance at an upcoming HSMAI Puerto Chapter Event
  • CHDM Review Course live in Puerto Rico with Holly Zoba ($149 member/$199 non-member) 
  • CHDM ($450 members/$695 non-member)
  • CRME ($450 members/$695 non-member)
  • Hotel Essentials Courses ($370 members/ $395 non-member)
  • Sales Leader Forum in Dallas, TX October 20, 2022 Registration ($775 member/$1195 non-member)

2. Applicant agrees to:
  • Attend a minimum of (4) chapter meeting/events per calendar year
  • Abide by the Principles of Professionalism as outlined by HSMAI
  • Renew the HSMAI membership upon anniversary/renewal date
3. Failure to fulfill commitments will require recipient to refund the entire Scholarship amount to HSMAI.