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  • Hospitality Industry Roundtables

    Nov 5
    As we approach the end of a chaotic and turbulent 2020, many of us are preparing for next year’s budget, along with discovering more creative ways to sell and market our hotels. There is so much going on it seems hard to sort out what needs to happen next. In order to help you fit the pieces of the pandemic puzzle together, join us for an in-person “pod” event, where you can meet with industry experts to learn their views, and also to interact and share your ideas with your peers. In this workshop you will participate in topics covering: Revenue/Pricing Strategies Table Moderator: Lucinda Fryman Corporate Director of Revenue, Midas Hospitality Sales Table Moderator: Katelyn Hindsley Director of Regional Sales, Lodging Hospitality Management Marketing Table Moderator: Justin Gevecker Digital Marketing Manager, Midas Hospitality Event Management Table Moderator: Dan Belmont Director of Convention Services, Union Station Hotel CLICK HERE to Register