HSMAI Missouri-Ongoing Challenges with t

When:  Sep 19, 2023

Ongoing Challenges with the Workforce and How it Impacts our Sales and Marketing Efforts
presented by Dr. Peter Ricci and Dr. Soyoung Park

Post-COVID we have "turned the corner" somewhat by getting back in terms of staffing. But, the turnover is higher than ever before and we still aren't fully staffed. What lies ahead? How about the future production of hospitality leaders? And, most importantly, how will it impact our ability to sell and marketing our venues, destination, and services? We will detail what we learned from the thousands in our certificate, what we continue to learn from the thousands now enrolled, as well as our research surveys Plus, we'll talk a bit about the nuance of FL tourism and how politics, labor shortages, travel advisories, etc. are wreaking havoc on the 2024 budgeting process about to begin. A casual conversation with those who were upfront and personally connected to thousands of displaced workers during the Pandemic.

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St. Louis, MO