Top 10 Reasons to Join

10. Certification: HSMAI gives you an opportunity to receive the CHME & CHSP professional certifications to signify your expertise.

9. Discount Program: Receive discounts from other HSMAI members on products and services including hotel accommodations, airline tickets, car rentals, area attractions, and much more.

8. Industry News: Stay on top of industry trends and important issues that impact our industry everyday.

7. Resources: Utilize resources via website and newsletters HSMAI provides on hospitality and sales topics.

6. Member Listing: Use the member listing as a resource to discover other members, products and services that may be beneficial to your business.

5. Networking! Meet other professionals in the hospitality industry.

4. Student Mentor Program: Become a mentor for a student studying to become a part of the hospitality industry. HSMAI is dedicated to helping students achieve their goal and career path in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry.

3. Education, Education, Education! Take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by national and local chapters. This includes monthly luncheons, conferences and seminars.

2. Special Interest Groups: Take advantage of a new program HSMAI has created to educate you on specific disciplines. Industry leaders initiate projects and programming to serve your specific needs.

And last but not least…

1. Special Events: Be a part of our Chapter’s Annual Bowling Event and attend the Chinese Auction in the fall. You work hard and you deserve to have fun!

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Your National membership includes a Chapter membership