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Bogus Emails: Your Rankings Aren't As High As They Should Be

We all receive them. And often it is several times a day and a flood in a month. How many times have you thought, "I wonder if these are real?" You know what I'm talking about, those emails that look like this:

"Hey there, I was doing my regular online research and noticed your site isn't as high up in the rankings as it could be, plus it has some website errors. Fixing these errors alone would increase your Google rankings a little. Here's a report of errors on your site: I have been an SEO/Web Design expert for the past 5 years and have started to provide services at a big discount at the moment to get my public portfolio together (in comparison to any downtown B2B SEO company which tends to be more glamour and glitter than any actual rankings or sales increase). If you want to double or triple your business in the new years - I can get you to page 1 for any "buyer" terms in your local area to get you those visitors, leads and clientele."
These are bogus emails. But don't take my word that the emails are not worthwhile.

Have you ever responded to these? Clicked on the link(s)? What happened?