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  • Thriving In Chaos/Holiday Party

    Dec 19
    ? How to lead when your everything changes outside of your control In business and in life, we’re put to the test not when things are going right, but when they get chaotic. How we react can be the difference between success and failure and determine whether our team comes together or falls apart. Learn strategies to adapt your thoughts and plans on a moment’s notice, lead through uncertainty, and thrive in chaos. Thriving in Chaos challenges participants to explore diverse ideas, challenging assumptions and mindsets. It gives participants practical tools and ideas for how to prepare for chaos, how to deal with it when it hits and how to rise to the occasion and lead yourself and others, regardless of the organizational challenges. What You’ll Get A tested framework that shows how to prepare for chaos, what to do when it happens, and how to be your best self when things are at their worst. Strategies to prepare yourself and your team to thrive in chaos, no matter the situation. Tools you can immediately use to engage and inspire both yourself and your team when things go wrong. Exercises that reveal how your thoughts, actions and language influence others, and impact your ability to thrive in chaos. AND DON'T FORGET OUR ANNUAL AWARDS PRESENTATION!

  • Bringing the World Within Reach

    Apr 17
    <p align="center"><strong>Join your local Expedia Market Management team</strong><br /> <strong><strong>and come learn about:</strong></strong><br />  </p> <ul> <li>2019 market trends and what Expedia Group is doing as an industry partner to promote your destination and grow demand.</li> <li>Attracting premium customers without sacrificing ADR</li> <li>Staying ahead of the curve by Leveraging Partner Central to drive business throughout the traveler journey</li> <li>Dive into market analytics to help forecast for the future and use Expedia to exceed your budget!</li> </ul> <p> </p> <p> <br /> <strong><em>We look forward to seeing you there!</em></strong><br />  </p>

  • Eric Sprinkle

    Jun 19

  • TBA

    Oct 16

  • TBA

    Nov 13