Hospitality Leadership Reimagined

When:  Dec 9, 2020

Hospitality Leadership Reimagined

What better way to end 2020 than to reimagine and find the MAGIC in our roles as hospitality leaders? We have been challenged this year in the way we lead, and this webinar will show you what leadership can look like in unrivaled times.

You should attend this webinar if:

  • You aspire to be a hospitality leader
  • You are looking to enhance your leadership skills
  • You are searching for the cutting edge in leadership
  • You want to develop your leadership team

Our speakers will bring you bring you present-day information to:

  • Identify your personal impact on your team and organization
  • Inspire and motivate your team to deliver out-of-this-world customer service even during the pandemic
  • Proactively communicate your vision
  • Embrace the value of empowerment in the new normal
  • Create an organizational culture in a remote environment
  • Develop a hospitality mindset to survive and thrive

Meet Our Speakers:

Summer Jelinek, Summer Speaks, LLC

Lt. Col. Jason O. Harris, No Fail Trust

Adele Gutman Milne, CHDM, Aspire Repurtation Marketing


Ellen Wilson