Marketing St. Louis Through Food/Beverag

When:  Jun 6, 2019

The St. Louis food and beverage scene is among the hottest in the United States creating an outstanding opportunity for the hospitality industry. Join us for a panel conversation to uncover St. Louis’ secret sauce and how we can capitalize on this momentum!

Cat Neville, Publisher of FEAST Magazine

David Bailey - Baileys' Restaurants
Gerard Craft - Niche Food Group
Stephen Hale - Schlafly Beer
Nick Miller - 23 City Blocks Hospitality Group
Qui Tran - Nudo House

This meeting will be filmed for an episode of "FEAST on St. Louis" distributed via social media and


Caramel Room/The
1600 North Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63102

Registration Dates

Early Registration Ends Thursday, June 6, 2019