Sayi Puligandla

Sayi Puligandla
Executive Vice President of Strategic Operations & Gaming Hospitality, Nor1 Oracle Hospitality

Sayi Puligandla is Executive Vice President of Strategic Operations and the Global Head of Gaming Hospitality, Nor1 Oracle Hospitality. Nor1 provides a scientific, patented, and integrated platform that engages guests and offers upsells across the entire guest journey.

Sayi oversees Nor1's Oracle Hospitality Gaming business globally, including Business Development, Strategic Operations, and Customer Success.  As a charter Nor1 team member, Sayi has held several diverse leadership positions.  Notably, he was the original architect of Nor1’s analytics, business intelligence, and predictive modeling infrastructure, and managed those functions for most of his tenure. 

Sayi’s extensive background in analytics was cultivated at Citigroup.  As VP of Risk Management, he managed an analytics team focused on loss mitigation and revenue maximization strategies for domestic credit card portfolios.  Sayi also consulted for Citi’s Retail and United Kingdom credit card businesses, traveling globally to institute his novel portfolio segmentation models.  He credits his time at Citi with establishing his foundation of quantitative skills and client focus.

Sayi received his B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University, where he also competed in Cross Country and Track & Field in the SEC.  He currently resides in Dallas, TX, with his wife, young daughter, and identical twin boys.