Marina Bay Sands, HSMAI’s Platinum Education Partner, is hosting the Revenue Optimization Conference 2016. Below is a floor plan of where the event will be held.

The conference is organised by HSMAI’s Asia Pacific Revenue Advisory Board. The HSMAI Revenue Optimisation Conference 2016 is shaping up as a great day with over 20 speakers confirmed who include HSMAI Board Members, Industry Experts and leaders from hotels and hospitality schools.

Overview of Sessions

    • Price, UGC, Loyalty and the Road Warrior – comparing how business traveller’s feelings of loyalty impact their reaction to price, ratings and reviews. 
    • Ask an owner: What do owners really think about Revenue Management?
    • The advancement of Total Profit Optimisation
    • The Art & Science of Pricing
    • Revenue staff - how many is enough? Listen to some case studies on the impact of organisational set-up, incentives and structure on results 
    • Technology - hear about the next big things being developed for Revenue & Distribution
    • The evolution of Revenue Management - are you collaborating with Digital Marketing? Who is?  Does it work?


Agenda for ROC 11th April, 2016 Singapore





Introduction and Welcome

Patrick Andres, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Rainmaker Group 


Facilitator for the day:

  • Fabian Bartnick, Director of Revenue Generation, Tune Hotels




Revenue Management - Organization vs ROI – do you have the balance right?

How many people are focused on RM in your organization? Is it enough? Too much?  Some research has been conducted and Jeroen Vaasen from Starwood Hotels & Resorts will tell you about some surprising case studies. What about incentives?  What sort of incentive plan are your Revenue Directors & Managers on? The results of an extensive research study by HSMAI will be revealed!


  • Jeroen Vaassen, CRME, Senior Director-Revenue Management APAC Starwood Hotels & Resorts Inc, HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board Member





Advances in Total Profit Optimization

Managing room inventory and pricing is still a vital role for revenue directors but increasingly, analyzing total profit contributions across multiple revenue streams is moving total profit to the next level!  


  • Kelly McGuire, Vice President, Analytics, Wyndham Destination Network 


  • James Lee, Director, Financial Services, The South Beach

  • Limin Cheng, Director, Revenue Management and Distribution, Marina Bay Sands






Morning Tea Break


Ask an Owner: The value of Revenue Management for Hotel Owners            

Revenue managers are responsible for recommending and executing sales strategies that will significantly impact the overall revenue and profitability of the hotel.  Owners know better than anyone that enhanced profitability translates into enhanced asset value. So, it is fair to say that revenue management can directly influence hotel value and deserves a high degree of attention?  Hear directly from a panel of owners where they see Revenue Management fitting into the organization, and where it might be in the future. 


  • Bilal Chamsine, Executive Director, DCA Group, HSMAI Board Member


  • Matthew Faull, Senior VP of E-Commerce & IT, Swiss- Belhotel International
  • Budi Tritawisata, CEO, Panorama Group - Indonesia





The Art & Science of Pricing 

When revenue management came about – pricing was one of our strongest weapons, our holy grail that made the consumer choose me over my competitor. The landscape was two dimensional, the way we booked travel was straight forward and we, the hoteliers, were in control of our guests.

Times have changed. The landscape is multi-dimensional, the way we book travel is a maze and the consumer is now in control. This leads to the question: Is pricing still important? Or has the landscape changed so much that price is just a by-product that is required to close the sale? With discounts hitting us on every corner, micro moments taking over the way we plan travel - Is there such a thing of still getting the price right?            

Or is it simply time for us to look at our industry and job role in a different light – do we need to re-examine the way we define “demand” and ultimately “pricing”? And how does today’s technology help or hinder us in succeeding?

Hear about the current pitfalls, the struggles, the opportunities and the new dimensions we are facing today in pricing. Let’s also celebrate success and hear from hoteliers who re-imagined revenue management and used their pricing intelligently to make a difference.


  • Fabian Bartnick, Director of Revenue Generation, Tune Hotels, HSMAI Board Member




Lunch Break



Price, UGC, Loyalty and the Road Warrior – comparing how business traveller’s feelings of loyalty impact their reaction to price, ratings and reviews                               

In today's social world, consumers have access to a wide range of information to support their decisions of which hotel to book, particularly user generated content in the form of reviews and ratings. In order to continue to build profitable pricing and positioning strategies, hoteliers need to understand how consumers use this information, with price, to make a purchase decision. In this session, I will present the next project in my series of studies on how business travellers' use reviews and ratings, with price to make a purchase decision. Specifically, I will describe how loyalty and demographics change road warriors reaction to price and user generated content, and what hotels need to do about it.


  • Kelly McGuire, Vice President, Analytics, Wyndham Destination Network 



Evolution of Revenue Management: Are Revenue Management & Digital Marketing playing in the same sandbox?

Revenue Management function has been evolving at a fast pace - from just managing price, to including inventory, followed by distribution management and onto total profit optimization involving restaurants, bars, spas, and even hotel carparks. Is Digital Marketing and Analytics the latest bastion to involve RM?  How do these two functions collaborate in hotels?  How should they? Jeannette Ho from Fairmont Raffles gives a peek into how these functions join forces to drive incremental revenue and higher guest satisfaction.


  • Jeannette Ho, VP Revenue Management & Customer Analytics, FRHI Hotels and Resorts, HSMAI Board Member

  • Angga Putra, Corporate Head of Online Revenue Management, PHM Hospitality




Afternoon Tea Break



Transformational Technology in Revenue Management – What is Next?

What are the big changes and trends driving technology development for revenue & distribution?  Technology providers need to be ahead of the game.  They know what’s changing in the industry, and the internet and they are all racing to develop better technology. HSMAI has sourced a new Revenue system provider, LodgIQ, and the leading system providers for Revenue & Distribution to dive deep into the issues and explain what they have in development to improve the efficiency of your revenue & distribution functions.  Hear it first at ROC.


  • Jeannette Ho, VP Revenue Management & Customer Analytics, FRHI Hotels and Resorts,  HSMAI Board Member


  • Patrick Andres, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Rainmaker Group

  • Bhanu Chopra, Founder, RateGain

  • Michael O’Connell, SVP Business Development, LodgIQ

  • Rachel Grier, Managing Director Asia, IDEAS

  • Philip Niemann, Director of Customer Success APAC, Duetto









Spotlight on Revenue Management Education

Hear from HSMAI and our partners in Education.  Or the first, we’re bringing educators together to tell us more about education and training for the Revenue discipline.  What types of learning are available for students, and for people already working in Revenue Management?  What are Educators doing to assimilate students into Hospitality, and more specifically into the Revenue Management discipline? What should be the industry be doing?  How can educational institutes help hoteliers bring talent into their organization – you don’t have to be a big brand to make it work!


• Heidi Gempel, Managing Partner HG International & Facilitator HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board


• Jackie Douglas, President, HSMAI Asia Pacific

• David L. Jones, Ph.D. Professor & Programme Director – Hospitality Business, Singapore Institute of Technology

• Sherri Kimes, Professor of Service Operations Management, Cornell University

• Brian Tan, Senior Lecturer, Capability & Industry, School of Hospitality, Republic Polytechnic

• Christine Toguchi, Macrovision Network Pte Ltd & Project Consultant to FIU/IHTER & HSMAI Life Member




Closing Address and Insights from the day by the HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board


 5:00pm - 6:30pm 

Networking & Drinks



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