2017 HSMAI Asia Pacific Events




25th to 26th Sep – Jakarta - Revenue Ready 2-day training workshop

28th to 29th Sep - Yogyakarta - Revenue Ready 2-day training workshop



Globally recognised HSMAI Certificate in Revenue Management




4th of Oct Sydney - Networking Event (Pre Maximum Occupancy)

18th Oct Bangkok - GM & Hotel Leaders Super Networking Event

25th Oct Singapore - Chief Revenue Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific)*


26th Oct Singapore – Revenue Strategy for Hoteliers

26th Oct Singapore – Pricing for Accommodation suppliers

26th Oct Singapore – Digital Marketing for Hoteliers

26th Oct Singapore – Accommodation Distribution Training

26th Oct Singapore – Conference and Events Sales Training Singapore

31st Oct Sydney - Chief Digital & Revenue Officers Roundtable (invitation-only)






8th Nov Bangkok Asia Pacific Revenue, Digital & Distribution Strategy Conference

09th Nov Bangkok - Digital Marketing Forum for General Managers ONLY

09th Nov Bangkok - Revenue Strategy & Distribution Workshops

09th Nov Bangkok - Chief Revenue, Digital and Distribution Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific)*

29th Nov Sydney - HSMAI sessions at the ACTE/ CAPA event

8th- 9th November 2017





End of Year wrap up


*These are invitation-only events.  Please contact us if you wish to be invited - hsmaisecretariat@gmail.com

Note: Event details are subject to change, cancelled or rescheduled.