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The ‘Revenue Ready’ program is custom-built for hotel staff who are moving into the Revenue Department, or who are just about to. The program will fast-track your learning and help you become proficient in Revenue Management is a short amount of time. In conjunction with your on-the-job hotel experience, this is the best method of getting to the next phase of your career. This offers you the   chance to confirm your knowledge in the field of revenue management.


HSMAI has worked with educators and the leaders in Revenue Management across the globe to come up with a fast-track program to get you ‘up-to-speed’ on Revenue management fast!   When you have completed your study, simply complete the final online assessment to earn your Certificate in Revenue Management.


Option 1 - Individual Courses


Option 2 - 10 x Course Program

HSMAI members: US$50 per course
Non Members: US$65 per course
HSMAI Members: US$350 Buy all 10 and Save $150!
Non Members: US$500 including 1-year membership Save $300+


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Course 1-10  
1. Components of Revenue Management   6. Forecasting for accommodation
2. How do Consumers Search & Book rooms   7. Revenue Strategy  
3. Market Segmentation for Hotels    8. Pricing Rooms  
4. Understanding the Accommodation Market 9. Getting Started with Business Intelligence  
5. Accommodation Distribution 10. Revenue Roles, Structure & Culture 

 A special thank you to our education program partners 





Two Courses are now available to complete. If you would like to know more about when all 10 courses become available, please sign up below.

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