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HSMAI Revenue Ready Online Program


The ‘Revenue Ready’ program is custom-built for hotel staff who are moving into the Revenue Department, or who are just about to. The program will fast-track your learning and help you become proficient in Revenue Management is a short amount of time. In conjunction with your on-the-job hotel experience, this is the best method of getting to the next phase of your career. This offers you the   chance to confirm your knowledge in the field of revenue management.


HSMAI has worked with educators and the leaders in Revenue Management across the globe to come up with a fast-track program to get you ‘up-to-speed’ on Revenue management fast!   When you have completed your study, simply complete the final online assessment to earn your Certificate in Revenue Management.


Option 1 - Individual Courses


Option 2 - 10 x Course Program

HSMAI members: US$50 per course
Non Members: US$65 per course
HSMAI Members: US$350 Buy all 10 and Save $150!
Non Members: US$500 including 1-year membership Save $300+


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Course 1-5  Course 6-10  
1. Components of Revenue Management   6. Understanding Distribution  
2. Revenue Roles, Structure & Culture   7. Forecasting  
3. How do Consumers Search & Book rooms      8. Revenue Strategy  
4. Hotel Market Segmentation  9. Pricing  
5. Understanding the Accommodation Market 10. Business Intelligence  

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Two Courses (Understanding Distribution and Forecasting) are now available to complete. If you would like to know more about when all other courses become available, please sign up below.

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HSMAI Certification

HSMAI University

HSMAI offers you the chance to confirm your knowledge, experience, and capabilities in the fields of revenue management, sales, digital marketing and business acumen

The more you know, and the more you can prove you know, the better ROI you can provide to your employer or prospective employer, the more you can improve your company’s bottom line, and the better you can position yourself in your chosen discipline.  HSMAI introduced certification for hotel sales professionals nearly thirty years ago. Today HSMAI offers training and certification in several disciplines, including sales, revenue management, business acumen, and digital marketing. 

HSMAI has 3 main certification programs:
Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME)
Certified Digital Marketing Executive (CHDM)
Certified in Hospitality & Business Acumen (CHBA)

The certification programs are for people who have experience in their field and would like to gain a certification to prove their knowledge in their field.  We are currently working on some modules for introductory subjects in sales, marketing and revenue management for those people just starting in a new role, or wanting to get into a new role in revenue management, sales, marketing, distribution and sales.  
This program can be run on a face-to-face basis on request for individual companies, or markets.  Please contact us for more details:

Are you a Singapore Resident or Singapore company?

There are two programs where the Singapore Government provides funding for employees of Singapore companies to participate in learning and development. 

A. Training Industry Professionals in Tourism - Singapore Tourism Board

If you reside in Singapore, the Singapore Tourist Board have a program that supports personal training and education.  They offer up to 50% grant for hoteliers to upgrade their skills and participate in certification, and educational programs.  More information on the program can be found on their website:

We understand that the process works like this:
1. Complete an application to participate in the conference, or educational study
2. STB will process - average time is 2 weeks
3. Once approved, you register for the event and pay in full
4. After the event, you complete a document to communicate the benefit gained from the activity
5. If approved, STB will grant you 50% of the costs of the activity

Please check the STB website for accurate and up to date details of this program. 

B. PIC - Productivity & Innovation Credit Scheme

This scheme provides up to 40% funding for Singapore residents and foreign employees of Singapore companies. 

Training fees paid to the external training provider qualify for PIC benefits, including registration or enrolment fees, examination fees, tuition fees and aptitude test fees. It does not matter whether the course or seminar is held in Singapore or overseas;

Check the updated information on the Singapore Government websites above. 


An innovative, new, Revenue Optimization Online course for Hotel professionals. 

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